We fundamentally believe that

Blockchain technologies
are a bigger investment opportunity
than the Internet ever was.



Paul Readwin


What is



Blockchain is an open source, decentralized software upon which Bitcoin and other digital currencies run.

A new form of internet technology, it essentially creates a trail of digital DNA that greatly reduces the possibility of fraud, theft, or compromising sensitive data.

Blockchain technology is extremely flexible, stable, and reliable for the long term, and is expected to revolutionize the Internet.

Our Mission

Identify, investigate, invest in, and build industry disruptive Blockchain-based businesses that have a clear road to revenue.

Our Goal

To increase valuation and liquidity for the companies and projects
we work with.


Key Facts

A giant ‘interactive Google Docs spreadsheet’ that anyone can view, which administrators continually verify and update to confirm that each transaction is valid.

The Blockchain ledger creates a trail of digital DNA that greatly reduces the possibility of fraud, theft, or compromising of sensitive data.

No Centralized Intermediary

Secure network where any transaction can be independently confirmed as unique and valid without a centralized intermediary.

Batches To The Chain

Batches (blocks) of transactions posted sequentially to a ledger (chain)

Transactions Remain

While records can be added to the Blockchain ledger, no existing transactions can be changed or removed


The current opportunity is to invest early, through a trusted
partner with the knowledge and experience to identify and
investigate cutting-edge Blockchain technology.

Right now, the Blockchain is where the Internet was in the early 1990s,
with countless potential applications and investments to capitalize on.

Operating Partner:

Who we are!

Blockchain Merchant Group is operated by Business Instincts Group (BIG).

BIG is a Venture Creation Firm specializing in the formation and acceleration of disruptive technology companies.

The team of specialists in finance, strategic planning, operations, technical development, marketing and public relations is adept at creating high-potential businesses that achieve rapid, sustainable growth.

BIG leverages its industry-leading experience and proprietary processes to build remarkable companies.

The BIG is behind the recent successes of UrtheCast, the world’s first live streaming video from the International Space Station, and Slyce, the visual search purchasing engine, both now publicly traded companies.


Private Exits

Blockchain Merchant Group’s Partners have had a number of successful exits.

Enunciate Conferencing

(Sale to Premiere Global)
IRR: 154% MoIC: 6.5

Varicent Software

(Sale IBM)
IRR: 59% MoIC: 14.9

Web Host Industry Review

(Sale to iNET Interactive)
IRR: 274% MoIC: 30.0


(Sale to Opera)
IRR: 64% MoIC: 3.5


(Sale to Apple)
IRR: 35% MoIC: 1.9

Mill Street

(Sale to AB inBev)
IRR: 25% MoIC: 7.5

Positioned to

Dominate the Blockchain Ecosystem

Together with our Blockchain Legal Association, we are positioned to be the clearing house for the latest in Blockchain deals and innovations.


Explore Ideas and ImplicationsBring forward-thinking members of the legal community together


Establish Leadership Become “the voice” of Blockchain in the global legal industry


Build the
Conduct conferences, attract world-class speakers, get the word out through social media


support deal flow service fees Support and grow deals that emerge from the network and build on thought leadership innovation

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